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Friends of KOBAL

Over the years KOBAL has gathered actors, technicians, musicians, and other hangers-on from far and wide to lend their considerable talents to the various stage, film and radio productions undertaken.

Although they're mentioned elsewhere on the site it wouldn't be right if we didn't acknowledge their efforts here, after all without their hard work KOBAL wouldn't exist.

Sharlene Bardsley
John Benson
Laura Bestley
Paul Bowles
Stacy Brown
Allison Chadwick
Gary Cleaver
Emma Cook
Matt Dawes-Wood
Kelly Delaney
Adam Distin
Hayden Edwards
Robbie Hardy
Alison Gaynon
Adam Gent
Charlie Griffiths
Kevan Hardman
Becky Hilton
John Hoare
James Kilgour
Matthew Lawson
Becky Laycock
Matt Lever
Stephanie Lodge
Peter Lord
Paula Lowe
Lucy MacAulay
Catherine Manford (nee Murphy)
Rachael McGuinness
Danny McKenzie
Marcus McMillan
Andy Meyers
James Neal
Matt O’Neill
Adam Perrott
Matt Pitt
Angela Rose
Jon Scholes
Tom “Dexter” Scott
Craig Sharples
Helen Spencer
Rob Starksfield
Daniel Stewart
Carl Szymanek
Wesley Thomas
Susannah Tresilian
Martha Webster
John Wildridge
Dave Wimpenny
Jenni Woo
Dominic Woodward
Lynsey Wright

If you've worked on a KOBAL production but aren't on the list, or if you are and want to share your memories, what you've been up to since or just want to say hi, please get in touch.


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