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Mark Distin - Director

I’ll start with a disclaimer – I have never brewed beer.

Don’t get me wrong, we researched the subject thoroughly; and not just at the drinking end. Our decision not to was based partly on time constraints, partly because we didn’t think we could convince the Arts Council to sponsor such an endeavour, but mostly because I once had to drink my brother’s homebrew. I won’t go in to details but if I tell you his brew came in plastic bottles that previously contained vinegar you’ll get an idea of my suffering.

After several shows dealing with comedy horror, fairy tales, and film noir Ste and I got talking to Meic Watkins, one of our old college tutors. He said that our writing, although funny and original, had a tendency to parody existing genres and challenged us to write something more personal. So here it is, a more personal story about sitting on sofas, drinking beer and talking to pink elephants; presented to you in KOBAL’s popcorn style.

I would like to say a huge thank you to our enthusiastic and talented cast for really taking this show on and finding jokes I hadn’t realised were there. They also coped admirably with the world’s most vague direction “yeah…I like it but can you...what do you think...actually no, yeah, good…okay one more time.” A thank you must also go out to the crew headed up by Matt; they aren’t just the best for the budget, they’re the best in the business.

Ultimately KOBAL is about putting on original enjoyable shows, I hope “Beer!” fulfils this. See you in the bar.

Originally from Salcombe in Devon, Mark moved north to study Lighting & Sound Design at The Oldham College. After achieving a Higher National Diploma in 2000 Mark found his talents in high demand, working at the Royal Exchange Theatre in Manchester from September 2001 to October 2004 before transferring his boundless skills to Contact in Manchester.

Mark’s numerous lighting designs include “A Conversation” at the Royal Exchange Studio; “Skid 180” at Contact and “Zig & More” at the John Thaw Studio. His directorial debut was in 2003 with KOBAL’s production of “An Evening with Gary Lineker”. He’s also the first half of Distin & Lowe (the clue’s in the name), KOBAL’s resident writing team. Mark drinks Guinness or whatever you’re buying.

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