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Marcus McMillan - Producer

Beer is not only a gift from the heavens but it is also a play which you will see tonight and the substance the two writers of KOBAL used to persuade me that being a producer might be fun!

I awoke on a cold February morning hung over, confused and naked…the worrying thing is I was in Piccadilly Train Station at the time. After finding my clothes and I tried to work out how and why I had ended up naked in public I remembered: I was in a pub, Messrs. Distin and Lowe were there, they bought me a few drinks…I got drunk…and agreed to become producer for “Beer!” and KOBAL!

I started to panic and ask myself “What was I thinking? Why did I agree to do this?” BECAUSE I GOT DRUNK! Damn you BEER! With your golden foamy charms….

Once I got over my hangover and stopped talking to myself I decided to take on the challenge of being Producer, so over the last six moths I have helped to secure Arts Council funding, hold auditions, cast the play and pretty much do all the horrible jobs no one else wanted to do! It’s not been easy because no-one has yet written a pop-up book called “How to Become a Theatre Producer”. However I have had a fantastic cast and crew to help me so hopefully we have all done a good job.

Thank you for coming along tonight, I hope you enjoy our “Beer!” as much as we do.

Marcus McMillan hails from the village of Littleborough which is situated at the foot of the Pennines right next to Rochdale, although the locals tend not to mention it!

Having gained a HND in Performing Arts from The Oldham College Marcus managed to gain experience by working with some of the countries largest theatre companies. Between 2001 and 2004 Marcus worked as an actor, director and project manager for CragRats Ltd. on a variety of projects aimed at young people. Since that time Marcus put his acting and directing skills to good use with ImpAct and Black Cat Theatre Company, amongst others.

Marcus has also worked for Screen Yorkshire as an actor for the film “The Reading Room” and has whored himself in TV commercials as an actor and voice over artist.

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