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The Original Manchester Run

Produced in association with the Arts Council England.

Have you ever been woken from a drunken stupor by a pink elephant telling you to brew your own beer? Stan Watkins has, but instead of ignoring the alcohol-induced pachyderm the hapless dreamer takes his advice and attempts to get his life on track by brewing the perfect pint.

That's it! "Beer!" is done and dusted, a little over two years after Distin & Lowe first scribbled the title on the page. The show went incredibly well, thanks in no small part to the great audience we had; if you were one of the many may we say a great big thank you!

If you want to offer some feedback on the show or the website, ask a question or just rant about something in particular then email us, we're always keen to talk to strangers, despite what our parents warned us. If you're more a voyeur however then keep popping by the site, as updates from the director and producer will be posted later this week, along with news on what KOBAL plans to do next.

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