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Beer! Promotional image

Beer! Article scan, The Big Issue No. 646 (November 2006)

Rehearsal photos, October 22nd:

1. Paul attempts to detach Steve's head after one too many bald jokes.

2. Beer bay-bee!

3. Paul recites some Shakespeare for Pete's amusement.

4. The cast in their sexy glory, top row: Stephen Michael Lowe; Peter Lord; Rachael McGuinness, bottom row: Paul Bowles; Catherine Murphy and Wesley Thomas.

5. It may look like Steve, Paul and Wes larking about, but they're deep in the moment.

6. Cat and Rach - rehearsing hard or discussing last night's Corry? You decide.

7. Mark gives his customarily profound direction to Steve and Pete, this time it's "Act better!"

Added on 19th January: Post-show photos

8. Everyone say "cheese!"

9. "Excuse me but you're in my seat"

10. Martha, our magic costume designer

11. James looking smug in costume

12. Pete and Cat strike a pose

13. Wes goes "method" for the part of Dougie

14. Stage manager Adam receives his wage packet

15. James in his Sunday best

16. "Wow!"

17. They may look angry but Marcus and Mark are just being serious, honest

18. The crew relax during the after show meal

19. Smiles all round for Ste, Rach and Cus

20. The sight of Paul out of the elephant suit is too much for Pete

21. "Wine. It's never beer is it it's always wine!"

22. The cast "kick it" at the bar

Added 23th April 2007: Screencaps taken from footage shot live at Contact Theatre, December 2006.

23. Dougie drowns his sorrows...

24. Opening scene - Livingstone Shepherd and Stan...

25. Michelle and Carol...

26. Michelle and Stu...

27. Stan and Baz...


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