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Beer! Progress Report

14th November 2006

Something people don’t tell you when you embark on putting on a show is the amount of phone calls and e-mails you will be subjected to. Every time something changes or another development takes place an e-mail pings into your world to tell you at length all about it, usually it will also demand a reply. So you reply and CC in the people who it may have the barest or most tenuous relation to it, and they all reply with a different opinion. These opinions are dismissed or consolidated into another e-mail which then pings off into the ether only to be returned with another barrage of counter e-mails until you begin to see the attraction of a single minded military backed dictatorship… then the phone rings to ask about this e-mail that has suddenly turned up.

Things are progressing though, we have funding from the wonderful people at the Arts Council, we have posters, we have press coverage (I had a phone interview with the Big Issue In The North this afternoon – a conversation which sparked five other phone calls and at least twenty e-mails – see what I mean?) and we even have a thousand promotional beer mats.

Meetings are also taking place. A lot. Matt is forever trying to trap his creative team in a room at the same time, whilst Marcus is trying to trap himself and Matt in a room at the same time; probably so he can give him a print out of an e-mail he’s received. While we’re on the subject of the creative team now is a very good time to introduce two new members of the Kobal family.

Tom ‘Dexter’ Scott has joined us as lighting designer, he has previously been at the Royal Exchange Theatre and has just come back from a tour with the Manchester based ‘Motion Loco’ company. Kelly Delaney is stepping into the role of DSM after the Library Theatre stole Emma Cook from us for their Christmas show. Emma was hoping to do both but unfortunately there is only one of her, we begrudgingly handed her over after a lot of shouting and threats of lawyers – it wasn’t pretty. Kelly has just been touring with LeKoa’s show ‘Vent’.

Rehearsals are continuing unaffected by the outside chaos. The folks are nearly all off script now and the performances are really taking shape. I can’t wait to get into The Yard for our weeks intensive rehearsal, it’s going to be a lot of fun. We all went out for a company curry a couple of weeks back, which helped to bring us closer together (aw!). The company are also taking a trip away together on Friday evening to see Cat’s fella do some stand up comedy; I swear its getting like the Waltons with these kids. Marcus led the rehearsals for a session last week whilst I was away in Portugal (it was lovely by the way).

I think that’s all I’ve got to say for the moment, except to say start booking your tickets early as I reckon this sucker is going to sell out. Check back soon for more info on your favourite company, I’m off to do more e-mails.

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