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  In January 2003 the critically ignored KOBAL Theatre Company returned from putting “Cinderella on the Rocks” with a new comedy that frankly doesn’t give a damn! Brilliantly parodying the cinema going experience in an array of styles “Dave & Jeff…” is an intelligent and visceral comedy that brings the world of the cinema to the theatre audience.

“Be Amused, be very amused.”

The first act, “Movie View”, is hosted by Livingstone Shepherd, a traditional TV presenter who is slowly coming to terms with his wife’s infidelity, is packed with trailers to films you wish you could see, behind-the-scenes exclusives, interviews, and reviews to classics that have never been made. Fast paced and hilarious, “Movie View” subtly pokes fun at all things Hollywood.

Act two is the premiere of Dave & Jeff Versus The Evil Blood Sucking Zombie Clowns From The Nth Dimension, a schlock horror in the finest tradition but with a comic twist. The two slacker pathologists from Lowe & Mellor’s Death in Small Doses find themselves at a travelling circus, in town for one night only. However, unbeknownst to the VIP invited audience the show’s Ringmaster, aided by his Fortune Telling Hag, plans to open a portal to the Nth Dimension and unleash an unspeakable horror on the Earth.

Trapped in a carnival trailer with a rag tag group of survivors and armed only with a spatula and a bottle of scotch, the intrepid duo must use what wit and cunning they have to defeat the hordes of Hell. Littered with movie references and moments that have made their way into modern culture, the evening promises to be the ultimate theatre experience for the DVD generation.

“You’ll laugh, you’ll cry, you’ll scream in terror!”


We all love the movies. Films take us to the limits of our imagination; evoke an array of emotions; and stir our deepest desires. There are exceptions of course, for every Schindler’s List there’s a Swept Away, but hey, the world isn’t perfect.

It was this love for the silver screen that prompted three young men to put down their pints and pick up pens during the summer of 2002. Messrs. Lowe, Distin and McKenzie wanted to write a play which was a successful parody homage to practically every movie genre. Taking a similar approach to movies such as Kentucky Fried Movie, Amazon Women on the Moon, and UHF; the writers took the parody idea one step further and instead of simply lampooning films themselves, they chose to satirise film review shows as well.

The play was split into two acts, the first being the film review show, “Movie View”, and the second being the “main feature” of the title, a low budget horror film that took every cliché to the extreme. The product of their labour was Dave & Jeff versus the Evil Blood Sucking Zombie Clowns from the Nth Dimension.

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