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Premiered on 21st to 25th July in Zavvi, Manchester as part of 24:7 Theatre Festival, the production then transferred to the Bill Naughton Studio at the Bolton Octagon on Thursday 4th and Saturday 6th September as part of “Four of the Best of 24:7”. A tour is currently being planned for 2009.
**** Manchester Evening News

“A roller coaster of slapstick humour, witty wordplay and larger than life characters”

Nightshift morticians Dave and Jeff are bawled out by their boss and cursed by the pizza delivery guy but the proverbial really hits the fan when a celebrated surgeon with a dark secret finds them hiding his runaway bride. Taken prisoner, our heroes must use what wits they have to save the day.

“Everything the mad-cap title promises and absolutely in keeping with the spirit of fringe theatre. Book now.”

They’re lazy-arsed morticians, he’s a celebrated surgeon with a screw loose. Let’s just pray it’s not a battle of wits.


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