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Performed 24th to 26th July 2003. In a summer without football, you got your kicks with KOBAL!

Following the success of the year’s most original comedy – Dave and Jeff Versus the Evil Blood Sucking Zombie Clowns from the Nth Dimension – the phenomenal KOBAL Theatre Company returned with Arthur Smith and Chris England’s modern classic "An Evening With Gary Lineker".

4th July 1990. Two great footballing nations clash for the right to fight for the greatest prize of all. However, 300 miles away in a Majorcan hotel suite, four English tourists and a German holiday rep are set for an evening full of tackles, missed chances, fouls and goals of their own. Whatever happens it’s going to be one hell of a match.

Ninety minutes of unmissable action guaranteed to get you cheering.

Why An Evening With Gary Lineker?

Well we could go on about how it’s an Olivier-nominated play with a superb premise, great characters, a very funny script, and an incredible finale; but the bottom line is we like it, and that’s what KOBAL is all about. This company was set up to present the kind of theatre we like to the public and Smith & England’s script falls quite comfortably into the remit of our manifesto.

It’s all well and good performing your own stuff well, but eventually you’ve got to see if you can do other people’s material justice, and what better a place to start than with the “Queen Mother of football”.

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