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  Featuring Paul Bowles, Marcus McMillan and Catherine Manford who “gave fine performances”(quote MEN 27th July 2007), “Little Tin Rock God” was performed at the Oldham Coliseum as part of their “Wordsmith ‘07” festival (19th July 2007) and at Manchester’s Royal Exchange Theatre as part of “Blue 5” (26th July 2007).

Life is sweet for Johnny Hicks; his records are topping the charts, his tour is selling out and his music is loved by millions; he can do no wrong. Or so he thinks.

The arrival of a mysterious businessman backstage brings with it the revelation that Johnny's star is fading. Faced with the prospect that the love of his fans has waned the panic sets in; but a solution may be at hand. Does the smooth-talking stranger hold the answer to Johnny's prayers; and if so, at what cost?

“Little Tin Rock God” is currently a work-in-progress as a full-length script by Distin & Lowe.

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