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Lianne Steinberg, The Big Issue in the North

They're Back!
20th May 2011

In what some naturists (and indeed certain naturalists) are beginning to think is a migratory pattern, Dave and Jeff are returning for their annual funny bone check-up on Monday the 23rd May.

Back on the airwaves thanks to the beautiful, talented and beautifully talented folks at Chorlton FM as part of this year’s Chorlton Arts Festival, the titular characters will be appearing in “Dave & Jeff Versus the Beer-Stealing Poltergeist Within the Morgue of Doom” by Stephen Michael Lowe, this time voiced by Shaun Lowthian and Nathan Morris with Annie Wallace returning from last year’s radio piece as Ms. Pearce. Produced by Jane Harrison and directed by Marcela Hervia, the show will be broadcast during “Lunchtime Live” which starts at 1pm on Monday 23rd May – to listen just tune in to Chorlton FM on 87.7fm or by going to

Granted, this isn’t Kobal’s full-on return but should fill some time while you’re waiting.


Clean out your ears folks...
5th October 2010

It’s finally here! If you follow the breadcrumbs to the Other Projects section (or, if you’re lazy, by clicking here) then you’ll find the full-length radio version of the gore-soaked lunacy that is “Dave & Jeff Versus the Maniacal Cannibal Orderlies on the Missing Floor” for your auditory pleasure.

Originally broadcast live on Monday 24th May 2010, it was one of the afternoon plays performed by Chorlton Arts Radio as part of Chorlton Arts Festival. As well as the recording there are a few recollections about the experience from writer Stephen Michael Lowe, as well as a list of the hard working individuals who toiled away on the project. Enjoy.

Turn On, Tune in, Laugh Out Loud
17th May 2010

Save to your favourites list folks and be sure to listen in at 1pm on Monday 24th May to hear the live broadcast of “Dave & Jeff Versus the Maniacal Cannibal Orderlies on the Missing Floor”, plus a post-show chat with writer Stephen Michael Lowe. If you can’t get to a computer in the afternoon then you can always catch the repeat at 10pm.

Keep an Ear Out
17th May 2010

For those of you wanting another dose of morgue-based madness, a new “Dave & Jeff Versus...” radio play, “...The Maniacal Cannibal Orderlies on the Missing Floor” will be broadcast on Chorlton Arts Radio as part of the Chorlton Arts Festival. The eagle-eyed (or should that be eagle-eared) among you will know that Dark Smile Productions produced a show of the same name as part of “Chief Surgeon Mal Practeeece’s Theatre of Horror”; however this new version is a full-on, half-hour extravaganza with some of the 24:7 festival cast reprising their roles! More info to follow soon, but in the meantime keep your ears pinned open and listening to

In the meantime...
21st April 2010

...for those of you wanting some Kobal related fun while our monkeys are locked away, banging on their keyboards preparing our next project. Our immensely talented creative manager Catherine Manford is again moonlighting with Opus Theatre Company in “Unaccommodated”, which is currently touring around the Midlands and beyond – dates and details can be found here.

By the way...

19th January 2010

While you’re waiting for news on our next production why not check out some KOBAL-related projects from our friends. Drawn by our own Marleen Lowe and written by Dave West, “Whatever Happened to the World’s Fastest Man” is a graphic novel currently receiving rave reviews in the industry and will be available in reputable comic stores on both sides of the Atlantic any time now, although if you’d rather nab it online then visit

When you’re there don’t forget to check out their “Western” and “Robot” anthologies, which features contributions from KOBAL's Stephen Michael Lowe, Paul Bowles and more of Marleen’s fandabidosi artwork.

If however you’re more of an audiophile then get yourself over to where radio-horror-comedy anthology “Chief Surgeon Mal Practeeece’s Theatre of Horror” – featuring the shiny-new story “Dave & Jeff Versus the Maniacal Cannibal Orderlies on the Missing Floor” – is still available for purchase. We’ll bring you news on our plans soon but in the meantime enjoy!

Happy New Year!

1st January 2010

Hey there everybody and welcome to 2010! We hope you had a great festive yuletide and are currently taking advantage of the weather by building snowpeople, taking part in massive snowball fights, sledging down the nearest hill and gerenally having fun.

Speaking of fun, we here at Kobal have a lot planned for the year ahead – which is admittedly what we said at the beginning of 2009, however last year wasn’t just filled with making and breaking plans, oh no, it was full of house moves, script writing, obtaining grants, having babies and discussing potential collaborations with other independent companies.

For those of you looking forward to our intended productions then may we apologise now; please don’t despair, these projects are still in our sights for the future, although nothing is as of yet set in stone. Also, huge thanks must go out to those of you who helped with the development of these projects so far, your input has been invaluable.

So, on to 2010, rest assured we have great plans afoot. What they are we cannot say, where and when we cannot tell, but afoot they are and we’ll confirm as soon as possible! Rest assured 2010 will be a busy year for Kobal and the popcorn theatre enthusiasts out there


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