16th November 2005
The calm before the storm

It's all gone a bit quiet hasn't it. You might even be wondering if KOBAL had died and no-one's informed the web-mistress. Well let us put your anxious minds at rest, KOBAL Theatre Company is fit as a fiddle and ready for love, to paraphrase Donald O'Connor. Distin and Lowe have been busy beavering away behind the scenes for a while now and are proud to announce that KOBAL will be bringing the World premiere of their new comedy "Beer!" to The Contact Theatre in Manchester during December 2006.

Not only will we be back treading the boards next Winter, but we will also be debuting the long-delayed radio adaptation of Distin & Lowe's Noir Comedy "The Man with the Incredibly Strong Lips" in the Autumn. Add to that scribbling away on yet another full-length original work, plus plans to push an adaptation of "Dave & Jeff versus..." and I think we can all agree that KOBAL has a very busy year ahead. Keep checking back for more progress reports and exciting teasers, see you in 2006!

In other news…

The incomparable Angela Rose and the incontinent Paul Bowles are not only continuing to corrupt the next generation at their successful "Academy", but they've also started work on creating little ones of their own – hence their hasty dash to Gretna. Mr. and Mrs. Bowles are expecting a daughter in March, to which KOBAL says congratulations! Congratulations as well to Paul's first stint at May Pole dancing.

Our musical muse Matt O'Neill recently left our shores for the first time in his life to play a gig in Amsterdam – he had "fun".

The hyper-active Kevan Hardman is doing another independent flick. Or he's skateboarding…or playing harmonica in a prog rock band…or something.
As for the other "…Strong Lips" actors, Adam Perot recently played at the Roadhouse with his band, and James Kilgour served his one millionth customer at Tesco.

Speaking of "The Man with the Incredibly Strong Lips", the actors who worked on the – currently in progress – radio adaptation have been hard at it as well. Helen Spencer and Susannah Tresilian are both churning out shows with their (now international) Envision theatre company, and Dominic Woodward was robbed into second place in the City Life North West stand up comedy award.

Tech wise: Matt Lever is assisting on an Opera at the Royal Northern College of Music; John Wildridge is working the high-brow circuit at the Manchester Opera House, and Adam Gent is at the Oldham Coliseum filling in for a stage weight that went missing.

More news from our wayward affiliates as we get it.

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