9th February 2005
Beer! Still Fermenting 

Hello, Distin and Lowe here with a long overdue update. First up, "Beer!" - Although having suffered a slight Christmas podge we can assure you that the script is still very much on track and we hope to bring you some tasty details (and perhaps even a snippet or two) in the near future.

Owing to the prolonged gestation of "Beer!" the next KOBAL production may still be a few months off, but panic not for in an effort to calm the madding crowds we are busy beavering away on a radio version of "The Man With The Incredibly Strong Lips". Being adapted from both the stage play and the 'Frisco City Journals (the latter of which can be found elsewhere on the site), the story will be told in three half-hour programmes.

Once finished we intend to produce all three episodes via the recording skills of Mat O'Neil and the voice talents of several of the original cast members (and possibly a few new vocal chords). The resulting CD will then be made available for purchase through the site and perhaps get peddled around various stations (hello Radio 4) with a view to being broadcast in the near future.

Add to this our continuing development of "Dave & Jeff Versus...", a comedy for the television medium, and you should count yourselves lucky that we found time to fit in this update, but we did - cause we love you. Although not literally.

As usual please check back for updates and production dates..

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