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The Beer is Fermenting
7th April 2006

“Seven months I have waited for that hot shot producer McMillan to write an update!” I hear you cry…well that’s not strictly true, I wrote my April 2006 “blog” in September 2006. No I have not invented time travel, mainly because we simply do not have the technology. However if I had invented time travel I would not be using it to write my website entry four months in the future, no I would go back in time with all the wining numbers of every lottery ever and then see all the big bucks come my way!!

Let's face it that's never gonna happen so let me tell you what’s been going on since April. Firstly we held auditions for "Beer!" and were swamped with interest from a lot of up-and-coming actors, several of whom are well established – one guy who applied was in Band of Brothers! Anyway after sitting through lots of auditions we eventually gathered a fantastic cast together who have been working hard every week over the past month in their spare time, for which we are very thankful.

As well as the auditions and rehearsals going well we also had the good news that we now have Arts Council funding which means we can actually afford to put "Beer!" on without having to spend our own hard earned cash! It’s now only three weeks until the performance starts and we are soon going to be in our intensive week of rehearsals which is both exciting and very scary!!!

If you want to get yourself a ticket then hurry up because they are selling like hot cakes – I would not want you to miss out!

So will this be the end of KOBAL after "Beer!"? NO! We have only just begun our world domination and once we have Manchester we'll go get Rhyl before moving from town to town until everyone on Earth has the chance to chomp on our unique brand of popcorn theatre!

If we don’t take over the world I promise I will stop at nothing until I have invented the aforementioned time travel and can charge you all a handsome fee to take you anywhere (and anywhen) you want. Apart from Hull last March…don't ask, it wasn't nice!

Beer doesn’t grow on trees.

Marcus, our new producer

Our freshly-minted producer Marcus introduces himself...

Having nearly completed their new masterpiece and getting the go ahead from the lovely people at Contact for a December performance Messrs. Distin and Lowe decided that they needed to step into action.

Unfortunately over the two years which it has taken to finish writing their latest creation, time and new responsibilities have taken their toll on them both. Ste became a proud father and started losing a lot of things ranging from a healthy bank account, his mind and the majority of his hair. Mark on the other hand has been cultivating a great big white man’s afro on the top of his head and as we all know growing one of those bad boys takes a lot of time and stamina – a feat all the more impressive considering he's been working twelve hours a day, six days a week.

To put it bluntly the boys were knackered they needed help, they needed guidance and they needed someone to do all the rubbish jobs they did not want to do. So they got in touch with their old college chum Marcus McMillan, AKA me. I'd not long returned from travelling the length and breadth of this great country working with various theatre companies, making films and basically whoring myself to any large corporation who would give me money to endorse their products. Mark and Ste said they needed my strength, my knowledge and they needed to get me drunk so I would agree to do all the rubbish jobs they did not want to do.

Guess what? They pulled it off and now we have entered the bright, new and exciting era of the KOBAL 3!

Once we three dynamos put our brains together we decided on one thing, if we were going to put on our new theatrical tour de force we needed one thing…MONEY! Good job we knew where to look, and after checking the back of the sofa the KOBAL 3 went knocking on the doors of the North West Arts Council demanding that they give us funding for our new project. Unfortunately the Arts Council does not take kindly to threatening behaviour and suggested that we fill out one of their grant application forms like any other sane person would.

Taking their advice we are currently in the process of trying to get Arts Council Funding. Will we get it? Who knows, but know this good people, KOBAL is coming to Contact to wow you all and there is nothing that will stop us!

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