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Here you'll find full listing of all shows the KOBAL Theatre Company has produced, including cast and crew lists, reviews, synopses and picture galleries, as well as news of forthcoming shows and extracurricular projects.

Little Tin Rock God

The Show That Wasn't - 2009

The arrival of a mysterious businessman brings with it the revelation that Johnny's star is fading. Faced with the prospect that the love of his fans has waned, the panic sets in; but a solution may be at hand. Does the smooth-talking stranger hold the answer to Johnny's prayers; and if so, at what cost?

Dave and Jeff Versus the Crazed Corpse-Loving Consultant from Cardiothoracics

21st to 25th July at Zavvi, Manchester as part of 24:7 Theatre Festival and 4th & 6th September at Bolton Octagon as part of “Four of the Best of 24:7”

Dave and Jeff return, pursued as per usual by a title sixteen feet long that takes up the best part of the poster! Part of Manchester's 24:7 Theatre Festival...

Little Tin Rock God

Oldham Coliseum, 19th July 2007
Manchester Royal Exchange Theatre, 26th July 2007 (part of BLUE 5)

Part of Oldham Coliseum's “Wordsmith ‘07” festival.

The Old Clubhouse, Buxton Fringe Festival - 15th to 18th July 2007

Contact, Manchester - 13th to 16th December 2006

Have you ever been woken from a drunken stupor by a pink elephant telling you to brew your own beer? Stan Watkins has...

The Man with the Incredibly Strong Lips
Performed 5th - 8th May 2004 at the Grange Arts Centre, Oldham

In this hilarious pastiche of classic film noir, gumshoe Andrew Bastain must keep his cool and confront the ghosts of his past in order to find out who stole the diamonds and who killed the hamster, in a case that would baffle Mitchum and have Bogart reaching for the scotch.

An Evening With Gary Lineker

Performed 24th to 26th July 2003 at the Grange Arts Centre, Oldham

KOBAL presents Arthur Smith and Chris England’s modern classic "An Evening With Gary Lineker"...

Dave & Jeff versus the Evil Blood-Sucking Zombie Clowns from the Nth Dimension
Performed January 2003 at the Grange Arts Centre, Oldham

In January 2003 the critically ignored KOBAL Theatre Company returned from putting “Cinderella on the Rocks” with a new comedy that frankly doesn’t give a damn!...

Cinderella on the Rocks

Performed 21st to 24th November 2001 atthe Grange Arts Centre, Oldham.

Dante’s Inferno is the hottest club in town and each night all eyes are on hunky Michael as he hugs the Microphone, especially those of overworked barmaid Cindy, whose secret love seems to be forever unsaid...

Other Projects
Occasionally KOBAL will branch out from theatre into other media, if only to stretch their legs and brains. Here are a couple of such occasions...


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